Asterion signs soO

The Korean StarCraft II top player Eo “soO” Yoon Su signed a contract with Dutch esportteam . In the long run he might even move to the Netherlands and learn the language. A remarkable decision by the Zerg player.

Time and again soO makes it to the final stages of each tournament. At the World Championship Series last year and in the HomeStory Cup he came second. For two years soO was looking for a team
he felt comfortable with and could trust. Choosing Asterion was carefully deliberated.

PoeHao interviews soO

Managing director at Asterion Amon Havers: “Ever since Asterion signed Kevin “Harstem” de Koning we have experienced first-hand the positivity of the StarCraft II –community. This is a community who
has managed to regroup in a good way after a period of decline. This makes us incredibly motivated to grow in StarCraft II and . We have chosen to sign one of the best players in the world to help
empower the Dutch region, as well as our own team. With the addition of soO we also create better training opportunities for our player Harstem.”

Asterion - Hajinsun Amon en soO
Hajinsun, Amon Havers (Asterion) en soO