Gamers First goes big

Esporters at competitions were complaining the first season about the small booths. They didn't have enough space and felt cramped. Gamers First has decided to listen to their feedback and worked hard to enlarge their play area.

Size matters

The original booths had as much space as the booths in China. That made sense at the time. When you consider the average Dutchman is 1.80 meters you find that's quite taller than the average Chinaman of 1.66 meters. Esporters who play League of Legends or Dota could still somewhat manage, but the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive () aficionados really needed more room. Most FPS-players have toned down their mouse sensitivity (dpi) to improve their accuracy in aiming. This also means they need a big arc for their mouse arm when they want to simply turn around.


The 22nd of March is the first round of the CSGO – competition . Some of the best players of the will come to The Hague to show their worth. No doubt they will be happy their feedback is taken into account.

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