Benelux Premier League takes LoL to the European level

Riot Games has granted the their own tournament, which makes it possible for local players to reach the European top. With this move the whole of Europe now has a competition. Every summer there will be a fierce battle at the European Masters to decide who is Europe's best League of Legends-team.


The Benelux Premier League is hosted by Gamers First, the organizer from Rotterdam responsible for the Dutch College League. Co-founder of Gamers First, Joost Roset, says he can't wait to start with the Benelux Premier League. Involvement of Gamers First automatically means the matches will be broadcast on Fox Sports as well as being live on Twitch.

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The main goal is to make the Benelux Premier League approachable for gamers to compete in. There will be four online qualifiers, of which the first will be on the 3rd and 4th of July. Every League of Legends­­-player over 16 years with a Platinum 3-ranking or higher can team up with a maximum of six others (and a possible coach). You can enter your subscription here. Of every team at least three members should be from the Benelux. The two finalists of every qualifier will advance to the group stage. These eight teams will battle for the championship. All games from group stage until the final will be played offline in the domes of Esports House 010.

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The Benelux Premier League Champion can go to the European Masters. If the champion survives the preliminaries, it's time for the offline knockout phase.  Every year the knockout phase is on a different physical location. Organizing the European Masters is being handled by the .

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